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By introducing our Japanese Technology through “EarthCUBE” we further aim to support the nationwide goal to have an environment that is free from disease caused by garbage, community waste and other factors that detrimental to the health of the community.

Our Asia Golden Star Award 2019

Mr Kazz Matsuo President of Nippon Morden  EarthCube’s manufacturer, received the Asia Golden Star Awards 2019

EarthCUBE received an award at the Asian Golden Star Awards for Superior Quality and Outstanding Innovation.

◆ What Can Be Processed ◆​

  • Almost all organics that can be carbonized (processable without segregation).
  • Petroleum products (plastics, polystyrene foam, plastic bags, vinyl, trays, etc.)
  • Garbage, food residue, paper products (magazines, catalogs, phonebook, etc)
  • Trees (garden trees, branches, pieces of wood, sawdust, demolished wood, etc.)
  • Fishery, fishery waste (fish, fish net etc.) livestock waste (horse manure, cow manure, barn, etc.)
  • Fabric goods (clothing, stuffed animals, etc.) Medical waste (bed sheets, disposable diapers, etc.)

◆What can not be processed◆

  • Metals, glass, stone, gypsum board, asbestos, concrete and batteries can not be processed.
  • Volatile and/or Explosive substances should not be processed processing.

NOTE: Do not throw in the organic matter whose water content exceeds 70% as the process takes a very long time. It is recommended to dehydrate or dry under sunshine, etc. before processing.

Potential By Products

Ceramic Ash

  • Volume of processing material is reduced from the size at the time of input.
  • It becomes a strong negative ionized magnetized ceramic ash of 1/300 to 1/400.
  • Most of the input (organic matter) eventually becomes ceramic ash.
  • Ceramic ash, which is usually produced in one cycle (approximately 72 hours), is directly magnetic ion ceramic
  • To make even higher purity magnetic ion ceramic, it will take 14 to 17 days.
  • Ceramic ash generates a high concentration of negative ions, so it can be used to mix in paste of wallpaper, and fertilizer of the field.

Effluent (vinegar)

  • Weak acidic wood vinegar is produced from the drain valve of the main unit.
  • The tar-like residue is scooped and put in the furnace again for processing.
  • The vinegar solution can be sprayed as an insect repellent agent by diluting it 500 to 1000 times like the commercial vinegar solution.

The Machine Principle

Apply all organic matter to the crusher
Since it is the heat conduction type, the input organic matters must adhere to transfer heat and be decomposed. There’s no need to crush the filth.

Decomposition theory by low-temperature pyrolysis equipment with magnetic material. 
The state of air magnetization = negative ionization is generated in the furnace.

Promote carbonization. 
Water in the air or organic matter causes weak electrolysis due to magnetic force. It dissociates into hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions with magnetic energy into organic carbon molecules. It generates heat and thermal decomposition occurs in anoxic conditions.

Process From Crusher With Conveyor

Structure Of The Machine


It is manufactured to prevent deteriorating for over 20 years with the secret welding technology that Japan boasts, and the factory can manufacture up to 80 machines per month. Manufacturing can be done only by hand unlike existing other products.

Daily Maintenance & Cost

Asia Golden Star Award 2019 Product Award Winner

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