EarthCUBE Philippines Holds Meeting Attended By Various Local Departments In Sasa, Davao City

The EarthCUBE Philippines held a meeting last Thursday, March 29, 2021, at Barangay Council Hall of Sasa, Davo City. There are many organizations and personnel who attend the said event. Many representatives of each local department attend and participate in the said event. These are the Barangay Captain of Sasa, together with his secretary, the Fire Department, Senior High School, City Health, Health Center in Sasa, Police Station, and Paradise Island in the Island City of Samal.

The President and CEO of the EarthCUBE Philippines, Miss Aireen Okinawa, and the other EarthCUBE staff explained how to operate and use the machine. Since the Philippines is facing a garbage crisis, they brief the community on how to solve and reduce the garbage problem in their area. They also present the product, the EarthCUBE Machine, to them.

The EarthCUBE Philippines Company is launching the machine in ten days this April to test the EarthCUBE machine using papers. After ten days, the machine is ready to use. Such a machine is handy to dispose of any waste (Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable). 

The EarthCUBE machine is fuel-free and does not use electricity, meaning the machine will only use the garbage to generate power.

But What Can an EarthCUBE Philippines Machine do?

Here is the list of materials that can be processed in the machine.

  • Almost all organics can be carbonized (this is processable without segregation).
  • Petroleum products (plastics, polystyrene foam, plastic bags, vinyl, trays, etc.)
  • Garbage, food residue, paper products (magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, etc.)
  • Trees (garden trees, branches, pieces of wood, sawdust, demolished timber, etc.)
  • Fishery, fishery waste (fish, fishnet, etc.), livestock waste (horse manure, cow manure, barn, etc.)
  • Fabric goods (clothing, stuffed animals, etc.) 
  • Medical waste (bed sheets, disposable diapers, mask, used tissues, broken face shield)

Learn More About The Process

The EarthCUBE Philippines ensures the people involved in the said process that no need to segregate the garbages to lessen the burden or segregation. However, the CEO noted that other materials could not be processed, such as metals, glass, stones, concrete, and batteries. Volatile and Explosive substances should not be processed processing. In addition, do not throw in the organic matter whose water content exceeds 70% as the process takes a very long time. 

EarthCube Philippines

The EarthCUBE machine makes the weight of the dry garbage decreasing (e.g., 1000kilograms of the trash will become 3.3 kilograms of ceramic ashes after the process inside the machine), meaning the volume of processing materials is reduced from the size at the time of input. Most of the input (organic matter) eventually becomes ceramic ash. 

Ceramic ash, usually produced in one cycle (approximately 72 hours), is a direct magnetic ion. To make an even higher purity magnetic ion ceramic, it will take 14 to 17 days. The ash coming from the engine can be used as one element in mixing cement.  Ceramic ash generates a high concentration of negative ions, so it can mix in a paste of wallpaper and could be used as a fertilizer except for hospital waste. 

The EarthCUBE Philippines and its machine use heat purely. But if you are asking about the virus, no need to worry because aside from the fact that it will produce other elements or materials (ashes or fertilizers), the EarthCUBE machine can kill the virus during its process. 

After the trials of the machine, The EarthCUBE Philippines Company will start the campaign and accepting garbages from the community of Sasa different local departments such as the Fire Department, Senior High School, City Health, Health Center in Sasa, Police Station in Sasa, Davao City, and Paradise Island, Samal Island. 

The EarthCUBE machine aims to support the nationwide goal of having an environment free from disease caused by garbage, community waste, and other detrimental factors to the community’s health. 

You can watch Vlogger Jeanerals – Meet EarthCube Machine for the first time as she Introduces the 1st Earth Cube Machine in the Philippines

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